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To print out a Brochure showing all the features of our Flowbuster System just click the link below and print to your printer:

              FLOWBUSTER BROCHURE.pdf

The FLOWBUSTER features a rectangular frame with nesting tabs to allow several FLOWBUSTERS to be stacked together when testing requires more than one unit. A stacking connector is available to secure the stacked units together. Once connected, the device will allow the operator to transport the individual units as one device.

At only 8 lbs. each, the FLOWBUSTER is easily carried up steps and ladders for roof standpipe testing. 

- - -  FLOWBUSTER Statistics  - - -

Function: Bust up High pressure hose streams while providing a dry access area for an operator to take Pitot readings to determine an accurate stream flow.
Weight: 8 lbs
Size: 15inx5-1/2"x6-1/2"
Flow Range: 400-1300 GPM
Flow Range with Nozzle Insert: 118-1300 GPM
Stackable: Yes, 2-3-or 4 High

The FLOWBUSTER has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,137,568 and has been Approved by Factory Mutual, FM Approvals Standard Class 1046.     


A New System for Flow Testing has arrived -

  • More Accurate
  • Quicker Setup & Breakdown
  • Self-Anchoring
  • Single Point Discharge
  • Easy to Carry & Store



The FLOWBUSTER was designed as a Flow Platform for use in testing Fire Pumps, Standpipes, and Fire Hydrants using a pitot tube for measurement of the flow.

The FLOWBUSTER features a thrust-balanced horizontal design to prevent hose-end thrashing. 

The flow stream is diverted away from the operator to allow "dry" readings.

During operation the vertical forces are slightly unbalanced to apply a negative force on the ground to firmly secure the unit.

The FLOWBUSTER is open on both sides to provide a clear area for accurate placement of the pitot tube to measure the flow.

The FLOWBUSTER can be used on almost any surface without causing scouring. The water is directed upward upon exiting and thus prevents damage to surrounding grass and dirt surfaces. 

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